This Fork Zaps You When You Eat Too Fast

Technofied utensil makes you pause between bites

Maybe the fact that the HAPIfork is heavier than the average fork is what really slows you down from plate to palate. (hapilabs/Google CC)
Photo: hapilabs/Google CC

There's a new tool for athletes who shovel down their recovery meals. The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that glows and vibrates when you don't take enough time between bites.

The HAPIfork was developed by French company Slow Control, which also produces a personal activity tracker. According to the company, eating slower helps control weight gain, improves digestion, and lowers the risk of gastric reflux. To ensure proper breaks between bites, the HAPIfork is set to a default 10-second timer that resets every time you put it in your mouth. The glowing light and vibration activate when you don't wait the full 10 seconds.

The HAPIfork also allows users to measure how long they spent eating a meal, the number of bites per minute, and the length of intervals between bites. The data is uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to an online dashboard or mobile app.

The HAPIfork sells for $99.

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