Michael Scott Moore Freed After Kidnapping

Held in Somalia for two years

Somalian pirates surrender to HMS Cumberland's Royal Marines boarding team in the Gulf of Aden, February 2009. Moore had been in Somalia researching for a book on pirates when he was kidnapped in 2012. (Wikimedia Commons)
Gulf of Aden Somalia Piracy Pirates Somalian Skiff Royal Navy Royal Marines Surrendering Surrender Boat Boarding Team

After nearly three years in captivity in Somalia, German-America journalist Michael Scott Moore has been released, the German Foreign Ministry announced Tuesday. 

Moore, who wrote Sweetness and Blood: How Surfing Spread from Hawaii and California to the Rest of the World, With Some Unexpected Results was researching a new book on piracy when he was kidnapped in January of 2012. The Associated Press has reported that Moore was released after a ransom was paid. Officials say Moore is in good shape, all things considered, and has been taken to Nairobi, the Kenya's capital, for medical evaluation.

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