Idea We Love: The App to Quiet All Apps

Users rewarded for leaving their mobile device alone

Idea We Love: The App to Quiet All Apps (imtmphoto/iStock)
Photo: imtmphoto/iStock Singapore smartphone addiction Apple Tree app Splash

A student team won $30,000 to develop an app that will encourage users to stop toying with their phones, according to the Straits Times of Singapore.

When two or more people who have downloaded the app—called Apple Tree—put their phones together, a virtual apple tree begins to grow on the screen. As apples appear, they can be “harvested” and exchanged for discounts and rewards. Trees will continue to grow and bear fruit, however, only if the phones remain untouched, the Straits Times reports.

The app was developed to commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday and will be released next year, according to the Independent.

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