Danny MacAskill Drops New Video

Hops his way across 400 miles and 3 countries

MacAskill's latest video finds him riding along the Alpe Adria Trail. (FVGlive/YouTube)
Photo: FVGlive/YouTube

Scottish rider Danny MacAskill is known for performing jaw-dropping street trials riding in picturesque locations. Whether it’s in a deserted Argentinian village, a childhood dreamscape, or a road trip to his hometown, the 28-year-old sees terrain in a way that no one else does. His latest clip, a ride down the Alpe Adria Trail, is classic MacAskill.

Spanning more than 400 miles, the Alpe Adria is a popular hiking route that wends its way through Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. MacAskill’s eye takes him up, over, and on top of obstacles both man-made and natural. True, it’s a little tamer than his average segment—no backflips this time—but the stunning natural beauty of the trail and his signature interpretation of its terrain make this video well worth seven minutes of your time.

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