Oiselle to Open First Store in Seattle

Women's apparel shop due by summer

Oiselle founder Sally Bergensen (center), a competitive marathon runner herself, founded Oiselle in 2007 to give women what they wanted in athletic apparel. (Courtesy of Sally Bergensen)
Photo: Courtesy of Sally Bergensen

Women’s apparel startup Oiselle announced that it will open a flagship store in Seattle by early summer.

Oiselle, which is headquartered in Seattle, will open its doors in University Village, an upscale outdoor market that’s home to stores ranging from Apple to the local Molly Moon’s Ice Cream and Fireworks, reports Endurance Sportswire. Seattle is one of America’s healthiest and most active cities, leading Oiselle, which sells technical, design-oriented workout gear for women, to believe its first location will thrive.

“I am incredibly excited to bring the brand and story of Oiselle to life in a beautiful retail environment,” Oiselle retail operations director Katie Woodruff told Endurance Sportswire. “Our vision is to create a place where customers can experience the fit and feel of our product, but also to be a place where our friends, family and teammates can come together. It will be a hub for viewing big meets and races, having speakers, and being a place for local groups.”

A store is an important step for the company’s diverse growth strategy and represents a trend of online retailers moving toward brick-and-mortar stores.

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