Outdoor Retailer Gear: Touchscreen Gloves

You know the problem: Your boss calls your smartphone on the chairlift. Your iPod player starts cranking late-issue Rod Stewart way too loudly. You need to operate your touchscreen immediately. On a cold day, that usually means taking off your gloves. Unless you have one of Outdoor Research’s forthcoming (you guessed it) touchscreen-friendly leather gloves—the Sensor (a mid-weight softshell glove) and the Ambit (a warm, waterproof ski glove). OR has partnered with a company called Touch Tec [touchtec.net] that makes a leather that works on touchscreens—no more little metal tabs on the fingertips, and no more freezing your hands off while you try to scroll through your iPod playlists. It’s a cool idea—especially since it looks and probably performs just like any other OR glove.

--Justin Nyberg

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