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Outdoor Retailer Get: Garmin Unveils ‘Stuff Tracker’


Ever wonder where your dog goes once he gets out into the neighborhood? Curious where your kids end up going after school? GPS maker Garmin has developed a low-profile tracking device you can use to keep tabs on where the people, pets, and stuff you love are in real time. The GTU 10 (“Garmin Tracking Unit”) uses AT&T wireless signals to gauge its location, and sends updates to a laptop or an app on iPhone and Android smartphones. You just look at a Google-maps like image and yep—there’s your stolen bike right there. It’s a great idea—especially for athletes, who can tote the tiny device along on long rides or marathon training sessions and let the home crew keep tabs (or for watching you struggle through a marathon). Garmin is quick to point out that you should only use it on stuff you own (your bike), or are responsible for (pets, kids)—not your ex-wife’s car.
The gadget costs $199, which includes the first year of service, and then $50 for every year after that.

--Justin Nyberg

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