A Bike Fit for Bond. James Bond.

Some inventive British cycling enthusiasts created a bike with an ejector seat and flame throwers, the Adventure Blog reports. Named the BOND Bike (Built of Notorious Deterrents), the two-wheeled tank also boasts a caterpillar track to take on potholes.

The insurance company at ilovemybike.co.uk created the bike in response to a survey they conducted. The company asked 800 cyclists what they least liked about riding a bike. The number one complaint was that cars and trucks passed too close. Voila! Handlebar mounted flame throwers. Next up: poor road conditions. Voila! A caterpillar track replaced the rear wheel. Worried about your bike being stolen? Voila! Ejector seat. Poor weather conditions? You can switch the front wheel with a ski blade.

The BOND Bike will be on display at next week's Cycle Show at Earls Court in London.

--Erin Beresini

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