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Quadruple Amputee to Swim from Europe to Africa


Quadruple amputee, Philippe Croizon, swam across the English Channel on Sept 18, the Adventure Blog reports. Only a few days later, the Frenchman has his sights set on crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

The 42-year old lost his limbs after suffering an electric shock that occurred while he stood on a ladder to adjust his TV antenna in 1994. While he was recovering, he saw a news story about someone swimming the English Channel--a 21-mile swim--and vowed to do it himself. With the aid of prosthetic legs with flippers and a snorkel, Croizon crossed the channel in 13.5 hours.

The Strait of Gibraltar is only 9-miles wide at its shortest, but heavy traffic and strong currents make it difficult to cross. "If I can show other people that life is not only suffering, I would be happy. We suffer, but we get back up again," he told the AP.

--Erin Beresini

Photo of the Strait of Gibraltar courtesy of anjči on Flickr

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