Kayaking Video: Dashboard Empanada

The Demshitz crew,  a group of stellar whitewater kayakers that includes Evan and Ian Garcia, Jared and Graham Seiler, and LJ Groth, just released their newest film, Dashboard Empanada. The title’s a throwback to the whitewater classic Dashboard Burrito, and like Burrito, Empanada's allure is the film's unabashed love for paddling hard whitewater. Empanada, based largely in Chile, gives us the fix we’re looking for in kayaking porns, which is kayaking porn (and party carnage). The footage, the music, the crew, the whitewater is all fun. Jared Seiler, one of Empanada's producers, sums it up pretty well, "It's about kayaking." Check out the teaser and pick up the film here.

--Kyle Dickman


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