The Marathon Diaries: An Ode

Tonight, I trained for my planned October marathon in a complete blizzarding white out. All I could think was: Thank you, Patagonia, for your Winter Running Tights, which shed snow with each step forward. Thank you, Arc'teryx, for your Alpha SL hard shell which kept me dry and my iPod safe in an inner pocket. Thank you, Mountain Hardwear, for your perfectly-thin Women's Momentum Running Glove--my hands stayed warm, but didn't overheat. Thank you, Nike, for coming out with a waterproof wristband that ticked off the miles as I ran. Thank you, The North Face, for your brimmed hat which kept the snow out of my eyes. And, finally, thank you snow, for making me up my pace so I could be done with you sooner. --Alicia Carr

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