Colton Harris-Moore to Hit the Big Screen

And we don't mean burgle someone's home theater. According to, 20th Century Fox has just bought Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw, a book proposal by Bob Friel, based on an article about Colton Harris-Moore that he wrote for our magazine.* No word yet on who the director will be, but David Gordon Green's Rough House Pictures--which he runs with Danny McBride, whom he directed in the stoner action flick Pineapple Express--will supposedly produce the project. The buzz about 20th Century Fox buying the film rights to the Harris-Moore story hasn't been verified yet, but if it turns out to be a real deal, then we could have another blockbuster on our hands.  

--Aileen Torres

*Friel touched base with us after this post was published and confirmed that Fox has made an offer, but no contract has been signed yet.

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