Eric Larsen's Antarctic Chow

Explorer Eric Larsen, who aims to be part of the first expedition to travel to Mount Everest, the North Pole, and the South Pole in one year to draw attention to climate change, is steadily logging in the miles as he heads for the South Pole. He and his team mates keep things churning by fueling themselves with the following, according to his blog: "1 Clif Builders Bar, 1 Clif Bar, 1 package Clif shot bloks, 1 Lara Bar, 50 grams of salami, 50 grams of cheese, 1/2 liter of soup, 1 package ofbiscuit browns (British crackers), 4 pieces of candy, 100 grams ofchocolate and 100 grams of gorp (nuts and raisons)." And they don't exactly sit down and eat it all together. Each one has devised his own system for scarfing down the day's calories. Check out Larsen's blog for more info, and see how he prepared for the expedition, above.

--Aileen Torres

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