Corey Senese

Surf Instructor

Aug 8, 2011
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Danny Clinch

Perched on the tip of Long Island’s South Fork, Montauk draws in Atlantic swells from three directions, offering up a variety of breaks for beginners and experts alike. The most consistent is Ditch Plains, a classic longboarder’s rocky beach break. That’s where you’ll find Corey Senese most days. Senese, 29, and his wife, Kristin Angiulo, met on the beach in Montauk as toddlers and together founded CoreysWave (, a surf-instruction company that operates in Montauk in the summer and early fall. Senese, who had the talent to go pro and is now sponsored by Xcel, finds teaching more gratifying. “We started CoreysWave because I realized how fulfilling it is to light someone up by getting them their first wave ever,” he says. Come winter, Senese guides clients to surf destinations around the world, from Hawaii to Costa Rica to Tortola. “Surfing lots of different waves takes you to a new level fast,” he says. Still, he loves coming home. “When the surf is really good here, it’s insane,” Senese says. “World-class.”

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