John Termini

Surfs Secret Beaches

Aug 8, 2011
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Danny Clinch

Montauk’s eclectic lineup includes every­one from Wall Street weekend warriors to ­local young guns to celebs (like Jimmy Buffett and Cold­play’s Chris Martin). Clothing designer Bethany Mayer, who owns the Surf Bazaar store at the Surf Lodge, is easy to spot at Ditch on her eight-foot-six-inch Channel Islands board, partly painted neon orange and pink. You’ll have a harder time finding John Termini on Montauk's beaches. “I love those days when just me and my buddies go to secret spots,” says Termini, 28, who works in real estate in New York City and has been surfing Montauk since he was 12.

On John: short-sleeve crew-neck burnout tee by John Varvatos ($89.50;; Slim denim shirt by Acne ($230; acne­; Ridge­crest wool jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren ($995;; Trooper pants by J Brand ($231;; Six o’ Six Convertible boots by John Varvatos ($698); belt, his own

On Bethany (left): gauze tunic by Surf Bazaar ($150;