You Need Frequent Pats on the Back

Best jobs with the sweetest bonuses

Aug 3, 2011
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Jimmy Harris/Flickr

Bonuses are one way a company can show appreciation. Another: a trip to Alaska. Employees at Eddie Bauer (#48) nominate colleagues for a host of annual awards, and some 80 finalists are flown to Seattle for a Northwest adventure and Oscars-like awards ceremony. Thirty winners receive a space on a five-day trip (with a guest). The 2010 destination? Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Footwear brand Keen (#34) is big on surprise gifts: the sudden closing of the office on a rainy summer day or a serenade from the CEO (um, thanks?). Last year it offered staff a chance to attend the Vancouver Winter Olympics, covering transportation from its offices in Portland, Oregon, and food and lodging.

Others skew more conventional. Public relations firm Max Borges Agency (#25) takes annual all-company cruises, while software developer and webmarketing firm Realeflow (#47) treats its staff to getaways to Mexico and the Bahamas. Put in five years at New Belgium Brewing (#13) and you’re invited to (you guessed it) Belgium—to, as the company puts it, “engage in the liquid culture” that inspired the brand.

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