9. Best Packable Dinner Dress

Icebreaker Roma, $120

Aug 24, 2011
Outside Magazine
Icebreaker Roma

   Photo: Courtesy of Icebreaker

Classy elbow-length sleeves and a flattering, figure-hugging A-line shape make Icebreaker's Roma wrap an ideal dress for on-the-fly dinner plans. Draw the Roma close to your body with its wrap-through belt. Its crossover V-neck gives the dress an effortlessly elegant look, and the hidden in-seam pockets provide a convenient place to stash credit cards or a camera. The best part? Icebreaker’s Merino wool doesn’t hold moisture or odor, so with a slick of lip balm and a splash of perfume you’ll be dinner-ready.

Buyer Beware: The Roma’s wrap around style can make the V-neck slip open. Wrap it snuggly around your waist to avoid embarrassing cleavage slip ups over your entrée.

($120; icebreaker.com)