7. Best Dress for Backpacking in Europe

Eddie Bauer Crinkle; $79.95

Aug 24, 2011
Outside Magazine
Eddie Bauer Crinkle dress

   Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

Leave the iron at home. Eddie Bauer’s lightweight, paper-thin cotton Crinkle dress incorporates creases into its style, so wrinkles blend right in. Wide shoulder straps protect against possible chafing from backpack straps. When you're done wearing it, it can be crushed into a ball the size of a small grapefruit. Back at the hotel or hostel, rinse it out, hang it out to dry, and the Crinkle is ready to go again.

Buyer Beware: Don’t rely on this dress for warmth. It’s paper-thin so pack a cardigan for breezy days or a jacket for cool nights.

($79.95; eddiebauer.com)