Ourayle House Brewery

Sep 21, 2011
Outside Magazine

Company logo    Photo: Courtesy of The Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Co. ltd

215 7th Ave., Ouray, Colorado
970-903-1824; ouraylehouse.com
Established: 2005

In the home of North America’s premiere ice-climbing festival, Ourayle House is marked by a mangled whitewater kayak hanging on a makeshift fence. Inside, this “one man, one dog” operation is festooned with discarded ice axes, crampons, and carabiners hanging willy-nilly on the split-and-varnished salvaged-timber walls. A woodstove crackles in one end of the room. In short, this is a little slice of heaven.

Order Up: The mild and mellow Biscuit Amber