The Urban Dweller's Life-Hack Manual

Live smarter in the city with these five essential skills

Sep 6, 2011
Outside Magazine
Rule the Dog Park

Rule the Dog Park    Photo: Tony Mendoza

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Rule the Dog Park

1. DO: Address other people and say, "Good-lookin' dog." DON'T: Ask a dog his name. He doesn't speak English.
2. DO: Bend at the knees to avoid being toppled during scrums. DON'T: Shout "He's friendly!" as your dog barrels toward others. ("Watch out!" is acceptable.)
3. DO: Keep your dog under control. DON'T: Remark "Oh, look—they're friends" as your dog violently humps another.
4. DO: Scoop poop. DON'T: Vow to clean it up later.