Fast Pack

A specialty backpack fit for adventure racing, packed with pockets

Sep 30, 2011
Outside Magazine
Out There USA AS-1

Out There USA AS-1    Photo: Courtesy of Out There USA

Accessible pockets on hip belts and shoulder straps to store energy food and other on-the-go items are requisite for any backpack I take on a race. This year, Out There USA, a company founded by adventure-racing champion Mike Kloser, released the AS-1, a multi-sport wonder pack with hip pockets, yoke pouches, and elasticized mesh holsters for water bottles. All these small storage areas are reachable without taking the pack off (key in a race). I wore the AS-1 for a week of racing in Patagonia this year and it did not let me down—rarely did I need to remove my pack during the day. My sleeping bag and big items were in the pack body. Sunscreen, salt pills, a small knife, lip balm, and copious amounts of gels and energy bars were kept accessible at all times up front in the pack's self-serve pocket and pouch array.

Price: $189