Because It's Still There: Arganglas 2001

September 12, 2001

Report by Chris Bonington (unedited)

Advanced Base Camp 2
We picked up the appalling news of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon last night on the BBC World Service. Like the rest of the civilised we are appalled and as a team wish to offer our deepest condolences for all who lost their lives and our hopes that the perpetrators are caught and punished.

We feel we should still keep our web site up to date so that our many friends can know what we are doing.

AB1 was placed at the junction of Nono and Phunangnma gal. at 5280 m. from here another camp was placed up the NONO west gal. Two first ascents were made from this camp.

On 8th sept peak ABALE 6360 m was climbed by Muni, Shroff and Sherpa Samgya.

On 11th Sept, peak AMALAE 6312 m was climbed by Dam, Capt. Lingwal and Sherpa Wangchuk.

Two Marks are seen near the summit of the huge North Face of the Argan Eiger, having had a bivouac at the bottom and three on the face. The climb is obviously hard on steep ice and rock in cold conditions. They should top out today and be back at base camp by tomorrow. A superb achievement.

Chris and Jim recced Camp 1 at a height of 5900 metres on the Central Argan Glacier.

All members are fine and a joint team of Chris - Jim- Muni and Cyrus getting set to take on mani peak from 12th.

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