YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT Ted Turner was good, even if written by Jack Hitt, a Connecticut Yankee in King Turner's Court ("One Nation, Under Ted," December). Mr. Turner is one of the few real environmentalists of our time, someone who really does something, and he does it on a colossal scale. Too many people drive their sport utes to the coffee shop and sip their double-mocha-back-flip lattes, and grouse about oil drilling in ANWR (which I abhor too), but won't do what they can to make an environmental difference right at home. Nearly anyone who can afford to worry about the environment could devote a little personal money to buying a small patch of ground somewhere—just anywhere!—and improving it for wild animal and plant life. Anyone can be a Ted Turner-style activist on his or her own scale. Thanks for spotlighting the achievements of a leader worth following.
Centralia, Missouri

The Kindness of Strangers
GRANT DAVIS'S "Hanging Tough" (Dispatches) in the December issue caught our attention. We too were in Pakistan, in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, on September 11, but our experiences were remarkably different from those of Chad McFadden. Westerners, even dressed as we were in the local shalwar kameez, are obvious, and Pakistanis approached us to express their sadness and horror at the acts of terrorism. They offered condolences and the hope that none of our family or friends were involved. The expressions of concern and sympathy continued during the following week. It seemed that anyone with a few words of English came up to us: taxi drivers, shopkeepers, fellow bus passengers. We never felt threatened or saw any sign of unfriendliness or unrest, other than the oft-repeated news clips on CNN and the BBC. If anything, after the attacks the people of Pakistan became even friendlier.
Salida, Colorado

How to Save the World
JUST WHAT I HAVE come to expect from Mark Jenkins. Out of the chaos of events and emotions, he identifies the key issue and brings to light a wonderful story, "Seismic Shift" (The Hard Way, December). I applaud Greg Mortenson's efforts with the Central Asia Institute to bring education to the region's children and peace to the area. Is the CAI set up to receive donations from individuals?
Seattle, Washington
[ See the next letter for information on contacting the Central Asia Institute. ]

THANK GOODNESS a dreamer-doer gene still lingers in some and that Greg Mortenson is among them. Mortenson has catalyzed the efforts of northern Pakistan communities to identify their own health, education, and conservation priorites—and to do something about them. Because of this collaboration, incredible strides have been made with modest amounts of money. However, much more is left to accomplish. Now more than ever, the world needs the energy and commitment of all the Greg Mortensons we can muster. Readers who would like to know more about our efforts and want to support them may call 877-585-7841 or visit www.ikat.org.
TOM HORNBEIN, Chair, Board of Directors Central Asia Institute
Bellevue, Washington

DO YOU THINK there is a magazine that defines you, and your life? Outside has done that for me. Six years ago I graduated from one of the best colleges in the country, where I was first introduced to your magazine. Ever since, I've followed the Outside lifestyle&3151;worked a real job, quit to work in Vail for a winter, worked a real job again...and then had a bad auto accident. I spent 18 days in a coma and over 100 as an inpatient, but Outside has always been there for me. My friends remind me all the time that once I regained consciousness, I constantly asked for the magazine to be read to me. It's relaxing, and it helps bring me peace. Thank you.
Glenside, Pennsylvania

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