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Did the TEQUILA roll straight in from happy hour? A single-speed antidote to the endless hype of 27-speed this, four-bar-linkage that, this nimble 18.5-pound aluminum cyclocross rig from Sedona, Arizona's AGAVE CUSTOM CYCLES is no-excuses fast. In off-road mode, a fat carbon-fiber fork helps neutralize the pounding. Add the clever KŠvik Modular Dropout System, which converts the Tequila from a one-geared filly to an 18-geared pavement workhorse, and it's a slick (albeit costly) two-for-one deal. ($4,550 as pictured; 928-284-0841, —Marshall McKinney

The wonder fiber that can stop a shotgun blast has found a new home in RLX POLO SPORTS 's ALPINE JEAN. The blend of 6 percent Kevlar and 94 percent cotton will wipe away your misperceptions of Kevlar's having all the comfort of triple-starched burlap. The pants' shocking softness and flexibility mean easy maneuverability from a breezy day hike straight to a hot night on the town. Still, like denim, these jeans can get steamy in warm weather, despite RLX's mesh pockets and vented cuffs. So try not to sweat, OK? ($145; 800-653-7656, —Ryan Brandt

Memo from Big Brother: TIMEX 's IRONMAN SPEED + DISTANCE can tell you the exact pace of your life. Though the wrist piece won't divulge your physical coordinates, the watch and separate six-ounce water-resistant GPS transceiver combination uses an array of 24 satellites around the world to precisely record your real-time average and maximum speeds, as well as distance traveled. Bike, paddle, ski, windsurf, or just plain run—it will always know how fast you're moving and how far you've come. ($225; 800-367-8463, —Sam Moulton

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