Fresh Loot

After officiating at a mad marriage of tool and timepiece, VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY introduces the happy result: VOYAGER, a long-overdue pocketknife/watch combination. Check the time on the thumbnail-size LCD screen, or just press the trademark shield to convert this 20-tool wonder into an alarm clock or stopwatch. ($70; 800-442-2706, —Dan Strumpf

The venerable Tilley Hat may be the ultimate adventure-travel lid. It offers an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+, floatability, and that no-longer-so-stealthy secret pocket. Sadly, an unfortunate Gilligan vibe that characterized the milliner's early models, some of which date back nearly a quarter century, obligated owners to muster up a certain amount of heedless confidence to pull one on. No longer. Snap up the brim of the stylish new four-ounce nylon TILLEY LT3, snug up the wind strap, and you're ready to take on whatever outback lies, well, out back. ($62; 800-363-8737, —James Glave
BLACK DIAMOND designed its elegantly simple new CINCH BAG to carry all you need for a casual day at the crag: a rope, a set of quick draws, shoes, and a harness. The tote opens into a 36.5-inch-diameter ground cloth to protect your gear from dirt and grit while climbing. When the time comes to move on, toss shoes and draws on top of your rope, pick up the two padded straps, and presto—the Cinch folds into a soft taco that hauls basics to your next appointment. ($48; 801-278-5552, —Cristina Opdahl

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