Paradise Found

It's as American as Mom, apple pie, and the lust for elbow room: to find and purchase a slice of country heaven to call your own. A place to sleep under the stars and think wide-open thoughts. To put up a cabin. To watch the trees grow and let the wildlife life free. To keep those acres unspoiled and protected. We've already done most of the scouting—so allow us to help you discover and lay claim to your attainable Eden.

Ah, the joys and satisfaction of your own land, ornery neighbors, and a self-composting outhouse!
By Bob Shacochis

Forest, desert, mountain, whatever—a primer on finding your patch of paradise.
By Mike Grudowski

PLUS: The lowdown on the best green and financially lean abodes, the choices overseas locales, and the biggest real estate pitfalls to avoid.

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