Fast Getaways

You'll find endless rewards in just 48 hours of freedom. We've got 50 close-to-home adventures right here.

Quick release: leaving the grind behind near Lake Tahoe. (Andy Anderson)
Photo: Andy Anderson


City Weekender

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SEATTLE: Ever try heli-biking? How about paragliding?

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Surrounded by outdoor options that'll satisfy both Democrats and the G.O.P.

NEW YORK CITY: Rock climb! Paddle whitewater! Witness real life!

BOSTON: Classic scenery and shockingly modern thrills.

LOS ANGELES: Like NoCal, 'cept the water's warmer and days are sunnier.

CHICAGO: Heaven's due north. It's called Wisconsin.

MINNEAPOLIS: It's the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Water sports, anyone?

DENVER: Packed with mountains high, rivers deep, and bliss nearby.

SAN FRANCISCO: Lucky bastards—you have the Pacific, Tahoe, and everything in between.

HOUSTON: This hot town has plenty of stay-cool escapes.

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