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Fast Getaways

You'll find endless rewards in just 48 hours of freedom. We've got 50 close-to-home adventures right here.

Quick release: leaving the grind behind near Lake Tahoe. (Andy Anderson)


City Weekender

For an interactive guide to weekend adventures within range of 50 U.S. cities, log on to Outside Online's City Weekender at www.outsidemag.com/cityweekender

SEATTLE: Ever try heli-biking? How about paragliding?

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Surrounded by outdoor options that'll satisfy both Democrats and the G.O.P.

NEW YORK CITY: Rock climb! Paddle whitewater! Witness real life!

BOSTON: Classic scenery and shockingly modern thrills.

LOS ANGELES: Like NoCal, 'cept the water's warmer and days are sunnier.

CHICAGO: Heaven's due north. It's called Wisconsin.

MINNEAPOLIS: It's the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Water sports, anyone?

DENVER: Packed with mountains high, rivers deep, and bliss nearby.

SAN FRANCISCO: Lucky bastards—you have the Pacific, Tahoe, and everything in between.

HOUSTON: This hot town has plenty of stay-cool escapes.

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