Arcs over the Arctic

Last spring, 41-year-old Andrew McLean and 29-year-old Brad Barlage set out into the arctic wilderness of northern Canada 's Baffin Island for a month-long expedition in which they would complete 19 first ski-descents on runs as long as 5,100 feet. The key to the journey was an arsenal of giant traction kites that towed them and their hundreds of pounds of gear across the frozen fjords between the virgin couloirs. Here, in an exclusive online gallery of their photos narrated by McLain, they share images of a dream adventure that is helping to change the face of arctic exploration.

CLICK HERE to see a slide show of the Baffin Island expedition narrated by Andrew McLean To view the slide show you will need the latest version of Real Player

Read Outside's report on Arcs over the Arctic in the November 2002 issue.

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