Ear to the Ground

Ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, who died in 1997, returns to the big blue as a Saturday morning cartoon character this fall in Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales, a Discovery Kids eco-toon in which the oceanographer and an international crew of kids battle giant squid, raging storms, and low-grade Hong Kong animation.

This fall, Polish-Italian explorer Jacek Palkiewicz, 60, sets out to find the fabled city of El Dorado. Based on radar scans and ancient texts discovered by Italian archaeologist Mario Polia, Palkiewicz believes the lost city of gold lies 65 miles northeast of Cuzco, Peru, with its treasure hidden in a series of caves at the bottom of a lake.

Himalayan climber Conrad Anker, 40, and skier Tom Jungst, 44, are launching Anker Climbing Equipment (ACE Inc.), a spinoff of The North Face's climbing equipment division. The Bozeman, Montana, company's custom-designed portaledges, haul bags, and big-wall hammers will make their debut next spring.

TELL IT TO CUSTOMS Gunnedah, Australia—a town 272 miles northwest of Sydney that calls itself the Koala Capital of the World—has begun selling "Koala Kitsch," 50-cent baggies of dried koala scat, to tourists. The souvenir has been so successful, there's already talk of expanding the brand by bronzing the marsupial dung and making it into earrings and necklaces.

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