Fresh Loot

MARMOT's FUSION sleeping bag sidesteps the down-vs.-synthetic conundrum by swinging both ways. It layers goose down next to the body for snuggly warmth, and synthetic, quick-drying Primaloft on the outside for its moisture-shedding properties. The result has the specs of a down bag (15 degrees; 3 pounds, 3 ounces) that handles morning condensation like a synthetic. ($189; 888-627-6680,

It took Canada's BLURR and their 2,440-cubic-inch SYSTEM PACK to show people the third way to haul boards up the steeps. Inside: a top-mounted hard-shell case to keep your music player out of harm's way. Outside: beefy straps that secure board, skis, or snowshoes, and a padded hard-foam back that adds rigidity and support. All over: coolness. ($145; 604-922-8007,

PRIMUS, the company that supplied stoves to Shackleton, is still finding ways to make camp cookers lighter, smaller, and more efficient. Exhibit A: the new 3.4-ounce MICRON. A steel-mesh bull's-eye in the middle of the ultra-efficient LP gas burner keeps the flame roaring when the wind is doing likewise, and also glows like hot coals even in bright daylight—giving you an added visual cue that your sometimes-transparent torch is indeed blazing. But the Micron's handiest feature is its integrated piezo starter. Just open the valve, flick your index finger, and... Houston, we have ignition. ($45; 800-543-9124,

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