Beware The Patch

Outside Editorial Director Alex Heard is auctioning off two pieces of Everest history on eBay this week. Both items were carried to the mountain's summit by writer Jon Krakauer during the disastrous 1996 climbing season that inspired his bestseller, Into Thin Air. Proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the American Himalayan Foundation—a non-profit that funds healthcare and environmental work in Himalayan communities. So what are these mysterious and highly collectible items? Well, one is a crampon. The other is a small, smelly patch of fur that just might be cursed.

The Patch, the creepiest artifact in Everest history (Dave Cox) Click here to read the complete story.

To learn more about the history and intrigue surrounding these valuable Everest artifacts, click here to check out Heard's May 14th Slate story, "Into Thin Fur." Then—if you're really brave—make a bid.

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