The Reef 'on unfavorable days' Exhibition

Australian photographers Ian and Erick Regnard have followed surfing's ASP World Tour for the past six years, shooting the planet's most famous surf personalities on and off their boards. On days when the waves were too low for competition purposes, the Regnard brothers also shot contemporary musicians, models, and others who contributed to the beach culture, as they passed through cities on the Tour.

Rob Machado, Surfer, Winner of the 2000 Pipeline Master. Lacanau, France. July, 1999.

From the multitude of images they've captured over the years, the Regnards have compiled a stunning black-and-white exhibition featuring surfers such as Kelly Slater, Tom Carrol, and Buffalo Keaulana. The exhibit, called The Reef 'on unfavorable days' Exhibition—which is touring Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, and New York—also includes photos of musicians like Jack Johnson and the Buena Vista Social Club, and models such as Helena Christensen and Malia Jones. The phrase 'on unfavorable days' refers to the fact that the photos featured in this exhibit are all portraits shot on days when the surf wasn't working.

This month, the Regnards' show (sponsored by Reef, Qantas, and Moss River Wines) hits New York's Edward Carter Gallery (560 Broadway, Soho, The show will feature more than 55 480x590mm framed prints, which will be on display until July 5.

Here, Outside Online presents a sneak preview of The Reef 'on unfavorable days' Exhibition, featuring 15 of the show's finest images.

For more great photos from Ian and Erick Regnard, visit their website,

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