Fresh Loot

Drape it over a tent in full sun and the 12-by-57-inch Brunton SolarRoll 14 will power a sat phone, GPS, or laptop—it'll even recharge a dead car battery in a lonely corner of Death Valley. Best of all, the 19.5-ounce solar panel and adapter plugs can be rolled up and tucked away in a foot-long, three-inch-diameter tube that'll slip covertly into your pack or kayak. ($399; 800-443-4871,

It's always a drag having to premix your sports drink and water before a ride. With the Trek Energy Cell EXP 350 Dual, you needn't bother. Two separate reservoirs—one holding 70 ounces, the other 100—tote your drink and H2O, and the adjustable Blender valve lets you dial in the perfect ratio of fluids. Two gear pouches store windbreaker, tube, tools, and energy bars. In a pinch, the Dual also does wonders with gin and vermouth. ($90; 800-313-8735,

Raising a future racer? Your kid will dust the preschool peloton astride a Litespeed Tricycle. An updated rerelease of a limited-edition design that last rolled off the line in 1997, the trike is handcrafted from the same titanium used in the company's legendary road rigs. Only 100 are available, each tricked out with an anodized aluminum fork, 50mm stem, spring-loaded saddle, and truly phat tires. ($850; 423-238-5530,

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