Taos Mountain Film Festival

Taos Mountain Film Festival celebrates its third year of high-energy adventure programming this Thursday, October 9, through Sunday, October 12. One of the world's foremost celebrations of mountain culture, the Northern New Mexico festival features award-winning films, as well as lectures and presentations by renowned mountaineers, human-rights activists, environmentalists, journalists, photographers and more.

In "Into The Thunder Dragon," extreme unicycling experts Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover traverse the scenic Kingdom of Bhutan.

A number of Outside TV productions will be shown at Taos this year, including "Into the Thunder Dragon," "Messner," "Farther Than the Eye Can See," and "Liquid from the Throne of Shiva." In addition, Martin Schoeller's acclaimed Sherpa photo essay, "Tigers of the Snow," from Outside's April 2003 issue, will be displayed throughout the event. Festival speakers include world-famous climbers Conrad Anker, Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden, and David Breashears. On Saturday, a panel of experts will discuss the legacy of modern war, and its lasting effects on the peoples of war-torn nations. And to top off the roster of impressive personalities, acclaimed authors Gretel Ehrlich, Max Evans, and John Nichols will read from their works and host a book signing.

The Taos Mountain Film Festival seeks to raise awareness of threats to wilderness and the people who inhabit mountain regions. For ticket information, please email info@mountainfilm.net. For the complete festival schedule, visit www.mountainfilm.net.

To watch the Taos Mountain Film Festival Trailer, click here.

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