Fresh Loot

You know your fitness watch isn't just for show when the screen starts flashing you are behind. So it goes with the GARMIN FORERUNNER 201, a wrist-mounted, GPS-assisted training tool. Select the distance and time of your workout goal, press start, and pace off of your virtual partner, as he runs alongside or (giddyup!) ahead of you. ($150; 800-800-1020,

Spend halftime at the halfpipe nestled in the BURTON LIQUID LOUNGER, a combination chair, beverage cooler, minibar, and game center that folds up, Inspector Gadget style, into a backpack. On board: mixology essentials, including a flask and stir stick, a deck of cards, and dice, plus there's an insulated compartment for that six-pack of Pabst. ($110; 800-881-3138,

Trails aren't very fun when they get in your sneakers. Enter the NEW BALANCE 1100—sturdy 14-ounce (per shoe, men's size 9.5) off-road runners with integrated neoprene gaiters that barricade against kicked-up debris. Burly toe guards and a thin layer of plastic in the soles protect against sharp rocks, while high-grip rubber and a polyurethane-reinforced midfoot keep you balanced on the scree. ($130; 800-253-7463,

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