The Adventure Envoy’s Hardware…

(Nigel Cox)
Photo: Nigel Cox sunglasses, watches

Go fast and furious in the (1) TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 dive watch ($595; 866-260-0460, The (2) OAKLEY GMT watch ($650; 800-403-7449, has two dials—one for your present location, the other for where you'd rather be. The Swiss-made (3) ORIS XXL FULL DAY watch ($875; 914-347-6747, tells time with elegance and precision. Style it up further with (4) MAUI JIM KAPALUA sunglasses ($249; 888-628-4546,; the titanium temples render them virtually weightless. View the world through sky-colored lenses with (5) BOLLÉ MEANSTREAKS ($120; 800-222-6553, Everything becomes crystal-clear with the (6) SMITH SPORT OPTICS VIRTUES ($80; 800-635-4401,, lightly tinted sunglasses with full UV protection.

Travel Gear Clothes

Match the sharp HARRISON TRAVEL PANTS ($115) and the PRESTON BLAZER ($265) with a special-edition, lightweight, button-up cotton shirt ($98), all from VICTORINOX (866-997-9477,, and you've got a durable, machine-washable, wrinkle-free ensemble. Stuff it-and a globetrotter's array of clothes, gear, and gadgets-into the soft leather of TUMI's 22-inch TRAVEL SATCHEL ($475; 800-299-8864,

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