The Yellow Wristband Project

For champion cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, yellow is more than just the color of the Tour de France's leader jersey. It's a symbol for hope, courage, and perseverance. Today, more than 47.5 million LIVESTRONG wristbands have been sold since they were first made available in May of 2004 to raise funds for the programs of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF).

Tour de France 2005

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Lance Armstrong, Tour de France

Wear Yellow - Live Strong

In celebration of Armstrong, who has inspired millions of people to overcome adversity, this fundraising effort will help the Foundation to enhance the quality of life of young cancer patients and their families.

Founded by Armstrong in 1997, the LAF steps in at the moment of diagnosis to offer pragmatic information and tools to assist cancer patients and their families through the challenging process of treatment. The LAF is founded on the credo that knowledge is power, and encourages individuals to adopt the channeled, focused energy that Lance Armstrong used in his own battle with cancer.

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NIKE is leading the LAF fundraising project through the sale of five million yellow wristbands engraved with Lance's mantra, "Live Strong." To join in this effort, visit

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Austin, Texas.

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