Stick It

When eight-time World Cup skateboarding champ Andy Macdonald helps develop a new toy, you know the thing is going to kick serious butt—even if it's a pogo stick. The Flybar, which hits specialty sporting-goods stores, bike shops, and in September, can launch a 200-pound rider nearly six feet in the air, using an elastomer-band system for a big-hit boing. (Newbie vaulters can shorten the piston to dial back the bounce.) The 18-pound aluminum rig comes with adjustable handlebars and fat, grippy foot pegs to help you nail your landings. Potential drawback: explaining to co-workers how you chipped your tooth. $300; 800-764-6784,

The Fly Bar Pogo Stick

HEAVY MACHINERY: Macdonald at work in San Diego

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