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The Unlazy Boy

Bring your passion for cycling inside—without trashing the carpet

The MODULUS II CHAIR, from Marquette, Michigan–based BIKE FURNITURE DESIGN, combines the stylish lines of chromed-steel Schwinn rims with a comfy spoke-and-inner-tube seat. $500; 906-361-2483, www.bikefurniture.com

BULLION STIL's MOD 8 COUCH, constructed by Willie K. Bullion, a metal artist, cyclocross team manager, and head of warranty for Santa Cruz Bicycles, boasts slick cherry-red vinyl upholstery and a steel-rod frame, with Bontrager stem caps for feet. Built to order for $2,500; 831-469-3943, www.bstil.com

A mosaic of drivetrain cogs supports the glass top of RESOURCE REVIVAL's 32-inch-tall industrial-chic CAFE TABLE, constructed with hand-bent wheel rims in the company's Mosier, Oregon, workshop. $289; 800-866-8823, www.resourcerevival.com

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