Plate Tectonics

Conflicting advice, fad diets, dire warnings about obesity and disease—it's a nutritional wilderness out there. What your active lifestyle needs is the real meal deal, straight talk about food, health, and wellness that can power your adventures and fuel your dreams. What you need is a balanced plan for lifelong fitness, and shape-up essentials built on natural wisdom and (best of all) good taste. Here's the menu—dig in.

The Outside Guide to Food
A Seven-Step Nutrion Makeover

How Food and Fitness Work Together
Fitness guru Dave Scott gives an over of when to eat

Your Peak-Performance Meal Plan
A one-month approach (and some inspiring recipes) that'll elevate your fitness goals

Seven Destinations for Culinary Adventure
Find locales where fine food complements a taste for adventure

What You Need to Know About the Future of Food
Eight people, places, and things spicing up the future of food

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