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Pocket Protectors

It's time to leave the nerd herd behind

This comb (2) and wrench (3) are from British design shop TOUCH OF GINGER's line of stainless-steel 316 WALLET ESSENTIALS, handy backup for calamities of the physical, mechanical, or sartorial sort. Other choices include an ice scraper and cufflinks. $10 and up; www.touchofginger.com


TOOL LOGIC's eighth-of-an-inch-thick ICE LITE II (5) delivers a stout serrated blade and 11 more clutch performers, from a red mini-light to an eyeglass screwdriver to a nail file. $30

Guarantee your glass will always be full with TOOL LOGIC's WINE COMPANION (1), complete with corkscrew, foil cutter, bottle opener, olive fork, and cocktail stir. $20; www.toollogic.com

Crafted from recycled plastic, the splashproof, hard-shell Jimi wallet (4) will safeguard your cash, driver's license, and four cards against overturned beverages and surprise downpours. $15; www.thejimi.com

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