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Don't fix your dream ride with duct tape and twist ties. Keep it running smoothly with the ultimate home bike garage.

1. The canvas FINISH LINE APRON ($30; has pockets galore, including a magnetized pouch that secures your tools while you're crouched over your bike.

bike tools

2. Save your bike—and your back. PARK TOOL's shop-quality PRS-15 PROFESSIONAL RACE STAND ($300; holds any bike any way you need.

3. The 57-piece PEDRO'S MASTER TOOL KIT 2.0 ($650; delivers every tool you'll ever want in a bomber plastic-and-aluminum case.

4. When you're finished, store all your gear in the STANLEY GARAGE WORKSHOP cabinet ($80;

5. BLACKBURN's carbon-fiber AIR TOWER 5 CF floor pump ($200; can get a tire to 100 psi in just ten strokes.

6. The PARK STL-2 SHOP STOOL ($80) has a mountain-bike-like five inches of adjustable travel.

7. Get rid of dirt, grease, and gunk with environmentally safe PEDRO'S BIO-CLEANER (32 oz, $11), and protect your floor with FINISH LINE's EASY-PRO WORK MAT ($16).

8. PARK's PRS-15AP ACCESSORY PACK ($110), which can be mounted on the stand, includes a truing stand, tool holder, and parts washer.

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