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So you want to bring a hot homemade lunch to work, but your boss won't spring for a microwave? Not a problem with the Stanley Food Jar. I cooked up a mean batch of spaghetti Bolognese last weekend and gave this post-apocalyptic-looking, 20-ounce stainless steel thermos a test. First I filled the Food Jar with steaming water to heat it up for a few minutes. After dumping the water out I poured in the spaghetti and five hours later I had a hot lunch. And while I wouldn't recommend using it for ice-cream sundaes on an August afternoon in Death Valley, the freezer-friendly container does a good job keeping drinks cold.

Stanley Food Jar

Stanley Food Jar

But the Food Jar doesn't just keep thing hot and cold—it's one of the toughest lunch boxes on the block. With its ergonomically textured grip and robust construction, this bad boy holds more like a mug of beer than an old man's teapot, and it's a fine choice if you're ever looking for a "blunt object." It doesn't just look tough; it is tough. I should know. I ran over it with my truck. There was a little cracking on the plastic, but other than that it held up fine. And kept my lunch warm. $20;

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