Head Flexpoint Radical OS ($200)

Tennis racket

Wouldn't you know it? The things you look for in a tennis racket—control and power—play against each other. The two were locked up at deuce until Andre Agassi helped develop Head's Flexpoint Radical OS. Dimples on this 10.4-ounce graphite frame at three and nine o'clock cause it to flex slightly, cupping the ball in the sweet spot for a fraction of a millisecond longer than rackets with less give. This micro-eternity lets you stay with the ball long enough to nail that dreamy line shot. But a wet noodle it's not: A superstrong metal alloy infused in the graphite cuts down on energy absorption, helping you smash your volleys. Just don't watch for the flex—that's indiscernible. Eye on the ball, people!

Head Flexpoint Radical OS

Head Flexpoint Radical OS

Lead Photo: Nigel Cox
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