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Solio Portable iPod Charger ($100)

Audio-player accessory

There is no 125-volt, 15-amp receptacle in the Bolivian Andes. But sunshine? Yeah, they've got that. Which is good, because now all you need to keep your iPod Mini marching across the altiplano is the Solio—a backup battery pack that recharges itself via either built-in solar panels or a wall socket. Juice up the Solio before you leave home, then, when your iPod battery starts dying, plug this into your player to buy yourself nine or so hours of music. Once the Solio's lithium-ion cell runs down, unfold the unit's photovoltaic wings and let it bake in the sun. Nearly ten hours later, you'll be back to Usher—or whatever funky groove you'll need to push on through that looming bus ride from hell.

Solio Portable iPod Charger

Solio Portable iPod Charger

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