Necky Spyder ($1,990)

Whitewater kayak

Psst, surfers... Guess what: Paddling out is easier with a paddle. Yes, we know surf kayaks are for kooks, and what we're suggesting is tantamount to treason. But if you've ever caught the masters ripping it up at the Lane, you'll understand the motives of noble watermen who have crossed over. To ease your own transition, Necky designer Spike Gladwin spec'd the carbon-fiber eight-foot Spyder, pictured here, like one of the shortboards already in your quiver: with three fins, a flat underside, a stiff hull, and, yes, a foam core. Take a seat on the lip, swallow your pride, and hang the hell on.

Necky Spyder

Necky Spyder

Lead Photo: Nigel Cox
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