Beyond Blue Crush

Surfing's finest film moments were never meant for the multiplex. Taylor Steele, the auteur behind 1992's groundbreaking video Momentum and dozens of flicks since (including Sipping Jetstreams, out this fall), shares his Cliff Notes for the cutback canon

May 1, 2006
Outside Magazine

From Surf Movie Tonight!, by Matt Warshaw, courtesy of Chronicle Books.   

1. Morning of the Earth [Albert Falzon, 1972]
"When Nat Young and Michael Peterson run down to the Australia waves, you just want to go with them."

2. Beyond Blazing Boards [Chris Bystrom, 1986]
"Showcases the 1980s shift from longboards to shortboards, with soul surfing by then-champ Tom Curren."

3. Kelly Slater: In Black and White [Richard Woolcott, 1991]
"Kelly surfs lines on waves that we didn't think were possible."

4. Sprout [Thomas Campbell, 2004]
"Joel Tudor, Dan Malloy, and others riding in exotic places like Sri Lanka and Morocco. Perfect for someone who wants to get a feel for the sport."