One More Challenge Remaining

Years ago, the prospect of five Tour de France victories was so distant that it seemed an almost unreasonable goal. Lance Armstrong and I preferred to concentrate our efforts on achieving the next immediate goal, letting everyone else speculate as to the possibility of a long run of successes. Now that a fifth Tour victory is a distinct possibility, the magnitude of the overall achievement is starting to sink in.



While it is intriguing to consider the implications of Lance winning five Tours de France, I spent the past twelve months focused on ensuring he was ready for three critical weeks. We approached this Tour de France in the same manner we approached every race since 1999: break the year into focused training segments and steadily build toward ultimate preparedness in July.

Ultimate preparedness is the result of careful attention to detail. Every aspect of Lance's travel, lifestyle, training and nutrition is considered in relation to its effect on his Tour de France preparation. Every workout counts, even the ones in the dead of winter. Lance knows all parts of training are integrally connected, and that missing workouts in January will lead to trouble in March. The fact that such a situation is absolutely unacceptable to Lance gives you an indication of his level of focus throughout the year.

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