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A lawsuit filed against sunscreen makers in March may finally spur the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to publish new sunscreen labeling guidelines, on the FDA's to-do list since 1999. But while lawyers squabble over the usage of "waterproof" and "sunblock," Neutrogena has simply launched a better lotion: Ultra Sheer DryTouch SPF 55 ($10; "It has an added ingredient that makes Parsol 1789—THE BEST UVA BLOCKER—last for six hours," says Dr. James Spencer, a dermatology professor at New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine. "That's much longer than any other sunscreen available in the U.S."

Need another reason to splurge on sweet new shades? Scotland's Edinburgh Sleep Centre, in conjunction with British Airways, reports that you can reduce the effects of jet lag by avoiding light during specific times while traveling. Go to and enter departure and arrival time zones to learn when you should pull the blinds.

Lactic acid is a waste product that causes muscle fatigue
You can file that one with Elvis sightings and fat-burning lotions. Exercise physiologist George Brooks, of the Universityof California at Berkeley, who for 35 years has pioneered research proving lactic acid is actually a fuel for muscles, released a paper in January that shows exactly how the process works. What's it mean for your training? Keep up the intervals, which encourage your body to grow more mitochondria in muscle cells, which in turn convert lactic acid into energy, not fatigue.

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