Express Train

with Chris Carmichael


Chris Carmichael

In the fall, your summer fitness can actually hurt you. As the weather cools, many athletes switch from non-weight-bearing sports likecycling to high-impact activities such as running and skiing. After a season of conditioning, your heart and lungs may enable you to work harder than your joints and muscles can handle. To protect yourself from injury, give the rest of your body time to catch up to your aerobic engine by easing into fall sports:
Cycling or swimming to running or ball sports: Start with three 15-minute sessions a week for two weeks, at half speed. Focus on technique and stretch for 15 to 20 minutes at the end of each session.
Endurance sports to weight training: Start with two 45-minute sessions a week. Focus only on range of motion for the first week of lifting, then add light resistance the second week. Increase gradually to maximum weight.

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